Leading Photonics

We are leading photonics research institutions passionate about and committed to outreach.

We believe that long-term partnerships are necessary for enhanced engagement in Photonics outreach.

We strive for excellence, inspiration and innovation, trying to find new ways to engage all levels of society.

  • ECOP is a long-lasting partnership of European research and innovation centres passionate about Photonics and committed to enabling everyone to discover the wonders and potential of Photonic.

  • ECOP coordinates efforts with the ultimate aim of permeating all levels of European society: the general public, industry and young minds, through multidisciplinary institutions at large and the raising of awareness in a sustained way over the years of the importance of Photonics across the board.

  • ECOP includes members of wide European networks, such as LaserLaband the Nanophotonics Europe Association.

  • ECOP was created to meet the recommendations of the WG7 of Photonics21 that specifically and explicitly point to the need for coordinated efforts in outreach at a pan-European level to achieve the desired impact and results.

  • ECOP is open to new members.