Activities for society

Activities directed to society at large

ECOP members organize events to bring photonics into the spotlight, and to increase its the visibility among the general public at large.

These activities are often organized in partnership with other institutions or within bigger events that attract large number of general public visitors.

Cultural and Artistic Events

Cultural and artistic events combining light, music or other cultural elements open to society at large to bring photonics into the spotlight.


Exhibitions in form of posters, panels or other explanatory elements about Photonics and its applications, designed and conceptualized to capture the attention of general public.


Lectures directed to the general public in inviting formats such as TEDx like talks or integrating entertaining elements such as on site demonstrations or magic.

Open Days and Visits

ECOP members open the doors to their institutions to the general public, giving local communities the opportunity to learn more about photonics and research and innovation in general.


Activities open to everybody that integrate multidisciplinary elements beyond science and that encourage transversal participation while disseminating the power of photonics.


Hands on activities and demonstrations that ECOP members create to give the opportunity to everybody to experiment with and learn about photonics first-hand.

Collaborative events

ECOP encourages society to be part of the photonics community through community experiments, citizens science experiments or interactive gaming that help raise awareness in an engaging way.