ECOP aims to

Impact all levels of European society, from students and teachers, industry, entrepreneurs, citizens of all ages, to multidisciplinary institutions at large.

Raise awareness of the importance of Photonics in a sustained way.

Establish hubs of outreach activities in Photonics across Europe and strengthen links with the nodes’ local communities.

  • ECOP develops tailor-made programmes and activities to address schools, universities, museums, media, industry, hospitals, etc. to communicate the importance of Photonics, the latest scientific research, discoveries, and innovations.

  • ECOP is enthusiastic to team up with scientists, educators, artists, museums, industry and other entities across Europe that are as passionate about science communication, public awareness and understanding of Photonics.

  • ECOP focuses on developing inspirational scientific programmes and activities for school children and for their educators.

  • ECOP works with industry experts to jointly elucidate how Photonics can enhance their technologies or businesses.

  • ECOP Alliance aims at aligning its goals with the most active partners in Photonics at a European and international level and in particular with the European Technology Platform Photonics21.